Reserved Seating

Our Seating Policies

D’Place offers two styles of ticketing for our performances.  When we expect a show to be lightly attended, we will designate the performance as General Seating.   When we expect a healthy demand for tickets to a performance, we will designate the performance as Reserved Seating, so that guests can purchase the seat they want in advance and arrive to the theater, stress free, with just enough time to visit our Café or Concession Stand prior to the film. 

General Seating: For performances marked as General Seating, seats are not pre assigned.  Guests are free to choose their seat once they arrive inside the auditorium.   

Reserved Seating:  For performances designated as reserve seating, guests will be assigned a specific seat row and number at the time of purchase.  The computer will start by assigning the best available, but in most cases, guests will have the option to pick the seats they prefer.  Please understand that at times the system or box office employee may not allow a single unused chair to be placed between guests.    


Once the movie has started, guests are free to move about the auditorium and sit in any unoccupied seat. However, if a guest arrives bearing a ticket for the seat you occupy, you will need to relocate.




Please note that seats in row Q are always reserved for guests who declare a disability or require accomidation.  Seats located next to a wheelchair space in row Q are always reserved for guests who accompany another guest in a wheelchair.  In either case, even though it may be possible to purchase a ticket in row Q, if you are sitting in one of these spots, you may be asked to relocate if another guest arrives who is deemed to have priority for row Q seating.   

Purchase of a seat in row Q is not a guarantee of a seat to the show.   The managers decision in this matter is final.