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What is ESCAPE: Barco Escape is a new, amazing ultra-wide format, using 3 screens to create an extraordinary panoramic experiencethat will draw the movie goer into the film they are viewing.

Where to see movies in ESCAPE: Mary Pickford is D'Place is one of a select theaters in the nation offering the Barco Escape experience. Come see what the future of Cinema looks like.   

Price: $3.00 upcharge per ticket



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The opening of 6 Below: Maricle On The Mountain marks the first time ever that a feature length film is being presented start to finish in Barco Escape’s three-screen, panoramic movie watching experience.  To celebrate this achivement in film, Mary Pickford is D’Place is hosting, on Saturday October 14th at 7pm, a special public Q&A screening of 6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain with the film’s director Scott Waugh (Need for Speed, Act of Valor) who will be joined by the films editor Vashi Nedomansky to discuss how they pushed the creative boundaries of film by bringing this breathtaking survival story to life in Barco Escape.


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