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Un rescate de huevitos

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In Spanish – w/ English Subtitles

A friendly rooster called Toto lives an idyllic life with his partner Di on the renowned farm Granjas El Pollon. He and Di are now the proud parents of a pair of eggs they have named Uly and Max, whose shells happen to have a particularly golden hue. Which is precisely what leads a band of Russian egg collectors to steal them and whisk them off to the Congo, where they periodically organize clandestine dinners for millionaires who pay thousands of dollars for dishes made from exotic species.
Toto and Di, accompanied by their egg friends Confi, Willy and Bibi, must find a way to reach Africa and rescue their children. They overcome many dangers and obstacles on the way, including hungry crocodiles, a trio of distracted hippopotami, a throng of crazy apes and even the King of the Jungle himself.

Runtime1 hr. 28 min.

CastBruno Bichir, Maite Perroni, Carlos Espejel, Angélica Vale

Director Gabriel Riva Palacio Alatriste, Rod

Genre Animation

ReleaseAugust, 27th 2021